The 10 HARDEST PS5 Games

The 10 HARDEST PS5 Games
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Regardless if they're cross-gen or exclusive, these PS5 games might give you a hard time. For this list, we'll be looking at the most challenging games players can find on the PlayStation 5. Our list of the hardest PS5 games includes “Returnal” (2021), “Demon's Souls” (2020), “Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time” (2020), “Marvel's Midnight Suns” (2022), and more!

Script written by Ty Richardson

Welcome to MojoPlays, and today, we’re taking a look at the 10 Hardest PS5 Games! Regardless if they were cross-gen or exclusive, these PS5 games might give you a hard time. What do you think is the hardest game you can play on PlayStation 5? Did it make our list? Let us know down in the comments.

“Demon’s Souls” (2020)

Was this the first game you thought of when we started this list? It was for us, too. It’s kind of the obvious choice if you want a PS5 game that can go hard on you early in the game. That isn’t a complaint either - “Demon’s Souls” can be great fun! The only reason some might disagree is if one may not be familiar with the format of “Dark Souls”, “Bloodborne”, and the like. Plus, FromSoftware fans have often stated how “Demon’s Souls”, even in remake form, is significantly harder.

“God of War: Ragnarok” (2022)

Of course, we could lump everything into the Gimme God of War difficulty because why not? However, “Ragnarok” might be more challenging for some due to occasionally clunky movement and camera placement. And by the time Atreus or Mimir warn you of an enemy attacking behind you, it’s already too late. It can sometimes make combat more challenging than it probably should be. And if you plan to take on King Hrolf and the rest of the optional Berserkers, you’re in for a tough time.

“Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time” (2020)

“Crash 4” was super tough on PS4. Spoiler alert - even with a higher framerate, the story is no different on PS5. At first, you won’t have too much trouble so long as you aren’t trying to blaze through every level on your first go. But the later levels might be frustrating for some. From Dingodile’s awkward controls to the final few levels chasing after Cortex, “Crash 4” can get a bit too demanding at times. And if you want to go for that one hundred percent completion, you will have to beat every single level without dying AND go for all of the Platinum Relics.

“Ghostrunner” (2021)

“Ghostrunner” is absolutely one of the toughest indie games we’ve played within the last few years. Strange thing is that it isn’t even hard in terms of figuring out what to do. For the most part, the difficulty lies within the controls. Just about every action you do is tied to the shoulder buttons and triggers, and it doesn’t feel natural in any way. Sure, you can remap buttons through the PS5 itself, but regardless of how you configure it, it rarely ever seems to make sense. The game is excellent, don’t twist our words! But those controls, man…

“Like a Dragon: Ishin!” (2023)

The “Yakuza”--excuse me, “Like A Dragon” series typically leaves the difficulty up to the player. You can play on baby easy mode or bump up the challenge to normal or hard, or even the Legend difficulty if you’re shooting for a tougher New Game Plus. But “Ishin” introduces its own difficulty…dubbed “Ishin”. Under this, enemies deal significantly more damage and take several hits before finally going down. Bosses, on the other hand, can down you in one or two hits. Ryu Gat Gotoku made it so hard they warn you before beginning the game, recommending you only play this difficulty when going for New Game Plus. Might want to take that advice.

“Monster Hunter Rise” (2021)

Funny for us to say that “Monster Hunter Rise” is hard when many would point it out as the easiest “Monster Hunter” game in the entire franchise. However, even with that reputation, many are still quick to say it can be quite challenging under various circumstances. Many of the changes in difficulty come primarily in the form of refinement in UI and controls. You still have plenty of formidable beasts to hunt down, and none aren’t going down without a fight. That said, the level of challenge still remains in “Monster Hunter Rise”; menus and controls just aren’t as cumbersome as previous entries.

“Marvel’s Midnight Suns” (2022)

“Midnight Suns” will kick your ass. Sorry to come out with the most blunt statement about it, but it is the honest truth. At first, the combat can feel very restrictive as you can only play so many cards each turn. Plus, some cards and utilizing the environment costs Heroism. In other words, the order you play cards and perform actions can drastically affect the outcome of a battle if you play cards too recklessly. And if you haven’t been spending a good amount of time in the Abbey, you may run into some fights where your fighters feel severely underpowered. Careful and efficient planning is key to beating “Midnight Suns”. Find your tactics, and you’ll be able to take on just about anything.

“Nioh 2” (2020)

Simply Google “is ‘Nioh 2’ hard” and you will find no shortage of players having a harder time with this game compared to its predecessor. Unlike most of our other entries with their complex mechanics or high demands for completion bonuses, “Nioh 2” gets its notorious reputation for difficulty in a simpler fashion: enemy variety. There are way more enemies with their own patterns than there were in the first game, meaning you cannot approach a combat encounter the same way as a previous one…well, for the most part, anyway.

“Returnal” (2021)

Only Housemarque would develop a game so excruciating. We mean that in a positive light, by the by. “Returnal” is easily the hardest PS5 game to come from Sony’s first-party studios. To elaborate, bullet hell games are typically done with a top-down view, allowing the player to see just about every projectile on the screen. This gives them enough time to react and adjust their position. But “Returnal”, as you can see, uses an over-the-shoulder camera, which obstructs a good portion of your vision on one side. With so many projectiles flying all over the place, you may as well throw “no damage runs” out the window.

“My Friend Peppa Pig” (2021)

It’s a real test in mental fortitude with this brat following you around.

“Elden Ring” (2022)

It is no surprise that “Elden Ring”, despite the noticeably large number of players who have earned the Platinum trophy, is the toughest game to play on PlayStation 5. While the game does give you plenty of freedom to build your character how you want and explore just about any location to your heart’s content, there are moments where your stats will affect how challenging certain fights are. If you haven’t been investing your stats wisely, you might end up ramming your head into a wall. A strategy guide is almost required if you aren’t familiar with FromSoftware’s previous games.