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VOICE OVER: Peter DeGiglio
Prepare to be creeped out. For this list, we'll be looking at the most unsettling and unnerving photos that can be found online. Our countdown includes The Grand Canyon Watcher, Momo, The Omagh Bombing, and more!

10 Creepiest Pictures on the Internet

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re examining the 10 Creepiest Pictures on the Internet. For this list, we’ll be looking at the most unsettling and unnerving photos that can be found online. Do you have a creepy picture of your own? Let us know in the comments below!

The Grand Canyon Watcher

r/AskReddit hosted the thread “What is an extremely dark/creepy true story most people don't know about?”, and it prompted an eerie response from user ZombieGadaffi. He relays the story of his uncle, who took a trip to the Grand Canyon with some friends. They took a picture near some bushes, and when it was developed, they noticed a second mystery person in the photo. Peering out from the bushes, the man is wearing a hooded black sweater and appears to be gazing into the camera. According to ZombieGadaffi, his uncle has no idea who the other man is. Maybe he does and took the photo as a prank, or maybe it’s a convincing shop. Either way, it’s certainly creepy!

A Wind Turbine on Fire

Working on wind turbines is no joke. Not only are you high in the air, but there is also a penchant for fires. That’s what happened to this particular turbine in the Netherlands’ Piet de Wit wind farm. Engineers were working on the turbine when a short circuit caused a fire. It spread rapidly and blocked their only means of escape, trapping two of the engineers high above the ground. Not only was their escape route blocked, but firefighters were powerless owing to the height of the turbine. A famous picture was taken of the engineers as they stood atop the billowing turbine, black smoke spewing away from the raging fire. Unfortunately, both men would lose their lives.

Tyler Hadley

A young man poses with another, a stern look on his face and a cup in his left hand. It’s like any other picture you’d find on Facebook or Instagram, only this one is hiding a malicious truth. This man is 17-year-old Tyler Hadley, and he just killed his parents. On July 16, 2011, Hadley disposed of his mother and father with a claw hammer and hid their bodies in the bedroom. He then cleaned up the blood and hosted a house party. Dozens of people attended, and some reportedly noticed a rotten smell. Hadley confessed to his friend Michael, who found the bodies in the master bedroom. Michael reported the crime to a hotline, but not before taking the aforementioned selfie with Hadley.

The Night Visitor

We return to Reddit for this famous picture of a nighttime visitor. User FatNDepressed posted to the r/creepy subreddit, with the title reading, “Got a notification from my smart home app in the middle of the night saying ‘Your doorbell detected a visitor’.” Accompanied with the text was a chilling photo of a man peering into the doorbell camera. He appears to be holding his hands behind his back and leaning forward with a playful grin on his face. FatNDepressed was rightfully creeped out but didn’t seem to think much of the incident. They reported that they were fine, that the intruder never returned, and that they never expected the photo to blow up the way it did.

Blanche Monnier

A woman named Blanche Monnier was born on March 1, 1849 in Poitiers, France. She came from a bourgeois family and had many suitors. But she had her eyes on a destitute lawyer, which drew the ire of her aristocratic mother. But before she could marry the lawyer, Monnier disappeared. She remained missing for the next 25 years, until the police received an anonymous letter telling them to check Madame Monnier’s house. They found Blanche Monnier in the attic, weighing just 55 pounds and covered in bugs and feces. A picture was taken, depicting an emaciated Monnier laying in bed and holding hands with another person. Her mother had locked Monnier in the attic to prevent her from marrying the lawyer.

The Omagh Bombing

The picture itself is not very scary. A man and his son stand in the middle of the street, the son perched atop his father’s shoulders. Right next to them is a red Vauxhall Cavalier. Unbeknownst to the family, that red car was harboring a bomb. It was planted by the Real Irish Republican Army as part of the Northern Ireland conflict. It exploded at 3:10 pm on the afternoon of August 15, 1998, killing 29 and injuring hundreds. The Real IRA claimed that the bomb was intended for the Omagh Courthouse and that the dead civilians were unintentional collateral. The father and son depicted in the picture survived, but the photographer perished in the bombing.

Amityville Ghost

It’s one of the most famous photos ever taken of a supposed ghost. It depicts a stairwell railing and two open doors. A young boy with haunting white eyes appears out of the left door. Regardless of your personal belief in ghosts, there’s no denying that this is one creepy picture. It was taken inside the famous Amityville house, which supposedly became haunted after Ronald DeFeo killed his entire family inside. The story is famously depicted in Jay Anson’s “The Amityville Horror” and its subsequent movie adaptations. This particular photo was supposedly taken by Gene Campbell, who was working alongside paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren. Some believe that the boy is John Defeo, who met a tragic fate by his older brother’s hands.

Tereska Draws Home

A hair-raising picture has made the rounds on the internet. It depicts a young girl standing in front of a blackboard, on which a flurry of lines are drawn. She stares into the camera, her eyes wide and her mouth slightly agape. It’s a very surreal photo with the power to chill blood. Many people erroneously believe that this child was raised in a concentration camp, but that is not true. Research has proven that she is Teresa Adwentowska, a young girl who spent most of her life in psychiatric institutions. She was sent to this school after World War II, in which she was starved, bombed, and hit by a piece of shrapnel - all of which impacted her mental condition.


The internet has made a lot of good creepypastas, but none are as scary as Momo. The legend of Momo started in 2018, claiming that children were being influenced by the mysterious user to enact cases of self-harm and violence. This became an internet phenomenon and caused a moral panic. However, there were no reported cases of people being hurt or killed, and Momo was quickly labeled a hoax. While the panic didn’t last long, Momo itself is now a legendary piece of internet history. It’s enough to induce nightmares, with its enormously wide eyes, thin face, stringy hair, and sharp Joker smile. This was not a supernatural entity but a sculpture made by a special effects company called Link Factory.

Regina Walters

Serial killers have left behind some incredibly disturbing material, including this picture of Regina Walters. It depicts Walters wearing a black dress and holding out her hands in a defensive gesture. She was a teenage runaway who was picked up by a trucker and serial killer named Robert Rhoades, who may have killed more than fifty women between 1975 and 1990. Walters was imprisoned inside the truck for nearly a month, as it had been converted into a malicious chamber. She was then taken to a remote barn and killed, but not before Rhoades snapped this final picture. If it’s any consolation, it was Walters’ death that put away Rhoades for life, as he was found guilty of first-degree homicide.